Knack helps customers create and send custom gifts. As the in-house copywriter from 2015-2018, I worked closely with our CEO, product team, designers, photographers, sales team, and vendors to build the brand entirely from scratch. Just like the gift sets, no two days were exactly alike, which gave me a unique opportunity to hone my skills in a dynamic, playful environment at the intersection of retail and tech.


Product Descriptions

  • Product descriptions and meta descriptions

  • Gift set descriptions and meta descriptions

  • Gift set name creation

Merchant stories

  • Merchant biographies, featured in the virtual merchant directory and in printed merchant story cards included in each gift

  • Merchant interviews and showcases for the Knack blog


  • Shortform page content to support SEO rankings

  • Original content for Knack’s blog, Unwrapped

  • Managed and edited content submissions by guest writers

  • My article “Top 5 Unique & Creative Client Gift Ideas” became the #1 ranked rich snippet result on Google in fall 2017

Print content

  • Strategy and copy for a corporate gifting catalog

  • Copy for conference and event posters

  • In-box marketing materials


  • Customer onboarding email sequences: welcome, account created, abandoned cart, forgot password, checkout, shipping, returns

  • Sales emails: new product alerts, sales, merchant features

  • Newsletters: company updates, interviews, special gifting tips

  • B2B and B2C emails geared toward corporate customers and target audience consumers

Web Content

  • Landing pages

  • Headlines and subheads

  • CTAs and UX microcopy

  • Display ads

  • 2017-2018 Corporate Gifting Survey Report

  • Creation of a comprehensive editorial style guide