Wordy. Nerdy. Can't ever tell just part of a story.


But here, I'll do my best. My sticky note biography goes like this: geeky bookworm reads a lot, wants to know where words come from, studies ancient Greek in college and then—record scratch—realizes it's ancient for a reason. 

Etymological curiosity satisfied, I turned my love of words toward more modern pursuits as a social media manager, in-house copywriter and marketer, and content consultant (AKA all-purpose wordsmith) for startups and small businesses. Even with cries of "pivot to videoooo" echoing through the digital hallways, I truly believe there's no substitute for good copy, and that words should be fun. If they're not fun for you, though, call me.

These days, I focus on copywriting, web content, and branding services for small business owners and entrepreneurs. I commit to digging into the roots, guts, and gears of your brand, because your business goals and values are my best tools for finding the words that really capture you. Whether you need a complete website redesign with new content, a polished email newsletter or sales campaign, or product descriptions people actually want to read, I'm up for the task.