Frequently Asked Questions


Yep. Learn all about it here.

Will your writing sound like me?

Yes. I can also make it sound like your brand mascot (she IS real, I get it), your brand’s “Royal We,” or Alex in accounting. Syncing up with the right voice and tone for your business is my favorite part of the job, and one I take very seriously.

Gee, what don’t you do?

A lot, actually, and for good reason! As of January 1, 2019, I am no longer taking on social media copywriting, content, or strategy projects for new clients. This type of work falls outside my sweet spot of high-level editorial branding, long-form copywriting and web content, and thoroughly-researched articles, and is best handled by someone with both a knack and a passion for the whole process. A folder of cute GIFs doesn’t hurt, either.

While I know my way around a Squarespace template and have years of experience writing UX/UI copy, I am neither a developer nor a designer. If your project needs more TLC than I can offer in these areas, I’ll be delighted to recommend someone who can help.

What are your rates?

All projects receive a custom quote after I’ve had a chance to assess your project timeline and deliverables, and while I do work from a set of basic fixed rates, I’m happy to make suggestions that suit your budget in my final proposal. Because from here on out, we’re a team.